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  • See attached letter.   Amelia Frazier, MHA, CPMSM Director, Medical Staff Services Department 600 N. Highland Springs Ave |Banning, CA |  92220  T (951) 769-2155 |F (951) 769-4812 |C (951) 330-0630 ✉
  • 1. Background Screening at reappointment (or only at initial appointment) – appointment & reappointment. Hospital pays for both. 2. Charge an application fee? Yes $500.00 (deposited in the Medical staff account) 3. Annual D…
  • Wouldn’t use any other system. We need to utilize it to its full potential but other than that, the staff at MDStaff respond right away and the reports are very useful. E>Priv is on all of the nursing units so that the nursing and OR staff can …
  • Our Medical Staff Office is responsible (for NPs, PAs and RNFAs). Not without objection, which fell on deaf ears. [cid:image001.jpg@01D05CBA.5D3A7910] Amelia Frazier, MHA, CPMSM- Director, Medical Staff Services 600 N. Highland Springs Ave Banning…
  • We obtain a copy of their C.V., query the Medical Board, DEA, an AMA and a background check on all of the Pathologists at reference labs where tests are sent for interpretation. We also ask for and query their malpractice carrier. […
  • We had the same issue you are experiencing now. We sent out a memo to all of the proctors that if they complete the proctoring they would receive a $100 American Express gift certificate. You would not believe the response. The proctoring physici…
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  • Yes. Their staff category is called: Telemedicine. [cid:image001.jpg@01CE8EA1.FA7F5210] Amelia Frazier, MHA, CPMSM- Director, Medical Staff Services 600 N. Highland Springs Ave Banning, CA 92220 * (951) 769-2155 7 (951) 769-4812
  • We only have Departments of Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Medicine. Cardiology, pulmonary, pediatrics, CT surgeons moved to Medicine and Surgery. Amelia Frazier, MHA, CPMSM San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Director, Medical Staff Services 600 N.…